Jewish Holocaust survivors can get reparations. The Asian American community can get a Hate Crimes Bill. The Korean American community can receive business loans. The LGBQT community can receive legal marriage protection. Joe Biden can’t even say the word “reparations” at a luncheon memorializing the 100 year anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Massacre. A massacre that saw 35 BLOCKS of Black Owned Businesses and Homes burned down to ruble by a white hateful mob. Not to mention the numbers of African American lives tragically taken away in the midst of this devastation. For years the Black People of Tulsa, Oklahoma asked the government for reparations to help rebuild The Greenwood District (Black Wall Street) but of course no help was given. But guess who did receive reparations? Take a wild guess ..... yes, white store owners who’s stores were looted by the angry white mob to steal guns in order to murder the Black Residents of The Greenwood District. Let that sink in! This month of June I implore you to patronize a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS! I am not asking you to purchase from my store ... I am asking you to purchase from any BLACK OWNED BUSINESS. As a matter of fact if you own a BLACK BUSINESS drop your website or info in the comments of this post. If you know of a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS put their information in the comments. With a heavy heart .... I’m out.

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