Black People spend over 1.7 trillion dollars in the United States economy annually. A race of people with this kind of spending power should not endure the impoverished conditions we withstand, the under educated reality we breathe nor should we suffer the overly incarcerated conditions we live under. Allow our collective dollars to manifest OUR true destiny. How we spend OUR paper effects policy and wields power in our favor. When you wear Black Paper StreetWear you are telling the world that our lives matter and watch how our paper proves it. The really bizarre thing is "every other race of people are getting rich off of Black People but Black People". Rock your Black Paper StreetWear, redirect your spending and create a brand new movement!



Growing up in Baltimore City Murphy saw his fair share of urban plight and how it effects the people that live in certain environments. With a burning desire to get involved in community activism he joined a group of high school friends to create a ‘rights of passage’ program to provide manhood training for African American males. After having sons of his own he joined the Baltimore City Police Department as a way to provide for his family and serve as a role model for other young Black males. During this time he also became involved in youth sports coaching football and baseball teams.
After an eight year stint on the police force Murphy decided to dive headfirst into his first passion which has always been business. Attempting to combine his love for business and his desire to uplift people in his community he created Black Paper StreetWear. BPSW is a clothing brand that sheds light on the collective spending power of Black people in this country. Initially, a lack of financial resources limited the development of the BPSW brand until Murphy discovered the “dropshipping method” of running a fashion business. Dropshipping allows garments to be produced with very low overhead and without having to warehouse said garments.
Currently, Murphy has a partnership with Shoe City stores in Baltimore where Black Paper StreetWear is carried in six locations. In his spare time he teaches young African American students how to create their own clothing business operated directly on their cell phones. His next venture is to formulate a structured program (T-Shirt University LLC) in an effort to teach future groups of students by partnering with Omar Muhammad (EDAC) of Morgan State University.
Murphy Paschall can be reached by email at blackpaper2016@yahoo.com. Please visit his website blackpaperstore.com