Black History Month !

Just imagine a world where everyone is wearing Black Paper StreetWear apparel and rappers like Killer Mike, David Banner and T.I. expound on the importance of supporting this significant BRAND. Hangtags on each t-shirt, hoodie and hat display facts about the collective spending power of African-Americans in the United States. Consumers start to patronize Black Owned Businesses and teach their children to become entrepreneurs. BPSW is used to put candidates in office that will serve the best interest of the Black community. New and diverse Charter Schools are constructed while professional athletes restructure the leagues they play in to be more inclusive. ALL because a simple graphic t-shirt chose to educate a group of people on how powerful they ALREADY ARE. The fact that so many businesses and government organizations rely on your participation says THAT your money has ALL the REAL POWER. Black football players could shut colleges and the NFL down just by deciding NOT to play. Just THINK about how many businesses would crumble if we didn't spend our money with them. Just THINK about it!

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