A Call to Action: Black Women are the Answer!

When a city like Baltimore loses industry staples like Bethlehem Steel and General Motors (these entities employed a large segment of our population) there has to be a replacement in order to keep our economy in tact. See these types of jobs allowed an employee to purchase a home, buy a car, put food on the table and clothe his/her family. So many other businesses relied on touching their dollars ... for example- restaurants, dry cleaners, schools, auto mechanics, supermarkets just to name a few. Everyone ate off of their dollars- subsequently when those jobs were lost so many others suffered.

In the minds of several politicians there had to be a new way to stimulate the economy. The Commercialization of the Prison System is the solution. But in order for this to work there has to be a segment of the population to fill these jails. So perhaps they looked at documented studies that shows what makes a person resort to crime. Let's target the Black community! First we will 'red line' where they live and inform banks not to offer them home loans(can't build generational wealth). Next, let's not build quality food markets in their communities(poor nutrition). Remove resources from their schools, create laws that will surely trip them up, place guns in their communities along with drugs and indoctrinate them with negative images of themselves through various media platforms. THIS should do it!

A race of people that makes up 13% of the population but makes up over 80% of the jailed population. I AM sorry but you can't tell me that 13% is doing 80% of the crime.

Oh let's see what else I found - new PRISONS are constructed based upon the "pass or fail to pass" rate of 4th GRADE BLACK BOYS! Meaning they are building jails for the future of our sons.

Wow (to the politicians) it's working. Look how many people are eating from the demise of Black people ... let's see (help me name some) police, judges, court bailiff, correction officers, lawyers, bailsbondsmen .... etc. These people purchase homes, buy cars, eat at restaurants, shop at malls (you get what I am saying).

Strong revolutionary Black Men have been fighting against this system for decades and these brothers have done a valiant job. But there is an extreme target aimed at their head because these "policy makers" are afraid of Black Male Power! Everything that Black MEN do with a holistic positive intent turns into something great. It's not by accident that 45 has spent his entire time in office trying to reverse what Barack Obama put into place. BLACK MEN ARE MAGIC!

But the people that will overturn and end THIS evil regime is ...... BLACK WOMEN! Black Women have a different intestinal fortitude, a different POWER, a different MAGIC and a nurturing sensibility. Peep how during the "Million Man March" alot of powerful brothers were recognized (rightfully so) but it was BLACK WOMEN working behind the scenes planning logistics for travel and accommodations that made the march a true success. Shall I mention Harriet Tubman (you can name others). BLACK WOMEN are the ANSWER! Pay attention to Black Women being elected to powerful positions across the country.

See I realize that some people will take this post in a negative light but allow me to put YOU up on game. While these politicians and government officials have plotted against Black Men in an effort to destroy them ... BLACK Women were out getting educated, gaining good credit, buying houses, securing good jobs and running for office. Trust me BLACK WOMEN are going to change this country. BLACK WOMEN are the ANSWER!

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