I just want to give a HUGE SALUTE to my Brand Ambassadors @queen_aries_2k , @j_of_jkharris , @_sunny_laluz , @erica_kane93 . These 4 individuals have taken Black Paper StreetWear to heights that I could not have taken the brand to by myself. My dude Jace I have known since high school. He has been a loyal repeat customer for over 3 years ... he even has his wife and son rockin Black Paper. Mia, Sunshine and Erica I met through social media and while they all are attractive women nothing inappropriate, romantic or sexual has never been discussed between any of us. I only share this to say that some people do not believe a woman can just support a brand without wanting something in return. As if the brand’s quality, look and message isn’t enough for someone to support it. These 3 young ladies have taken multiple photo shoots(Jace as well) wearing the brand and sent me the pictures to use as promotion. Now we all(brand owners) would love to have the Jay Zs, Beyoncés or Kanyes of the world to act as Brand Influencers but you have to recognize the Brand Influencers right in your own midst. I love and appreciate my 4 Brand Ambassadors mainly because in my low moments when I think no one wants to buy Black Paper or success is never going to happen that’s when I get a new photo of one of them rockin BPSW with plenty of positive comments by followers. Look at it like this ... they didn’t have to choose Black Paper but apparently they saw something they liked or read something they believed. Black Paper StreetWear is going to a whole other level in 2021 and my “Fantastic Four” will take the brand there. Thank you guys! I love you and I SALUTE you. “Our lives matter and watch how our paper proves it”!

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