Hands Up Dont'T Infect US!

Hands Up Dont'T Infect US!

Maybe I am stupid or perhaps I am misinformed but I don't think the coronavirus woke up one day and said I am going to infect one race of people disproportionately than another race of people. Population control or should I say racial genocide has been conducted on groups of people by governments around the world for centuries. Ok .... let's consider a few things:

1) by the year 2045 white Americans will become the minority race in the United States. White men are trying to figure out ways to prevent this from happening because it means losing control of this country.

2) Norplant Implants were used on young African American girls to prevent them from getting pregnant.

3) Politically ... If Joe Biden picks an African American woman as his running mate the Republican Party will never win a Presidential election again.

4) Mass incarceration of Black men and women along with restrictive voting laws for formerly incarcerated people is an attempt to lessen the Black voter pool.

5) Black people are not the only people that suffer from poor health care yet Black people are killed by this virus at an alarming rate compared to other races.

6) The Republican party never thought it was prudent to cultivate the Black vote(just like Bernie Sanders(D) in his first run). Now the Black Vote sets the table for elections going forward. They can roll out an idiot like JC Watts with his Black Channel Network in an attempt to convince Black people to jump ship but it's too late.

7) Black Women vote heavily Democrat and Black Women believe in gun control, fair housing, decent education and affordable health care.

Like I said .... perhaps I am misinformed but you have the tools to educate yourself and form your own opinion. Please share and start some dialogue among family and friends. Our lives are at stake!

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