YOU are responsible for YOUR own happiness!

Good morning Black Paper  fam .... allow me to share a little thought with you this morning. I was talking to a good friend last night and she was saying that she is at her best being in a relationship making her man happy. Making someone else happy gives her joy. And for a second I could understand where she was coming from. But the danger in that proposition is that you become vulnerable to that person's bulls#%t. Meaning, if that person decided they wanted to be with someone else tomorrow - now YOU are in a worse situation than when you started out with this person. You will learn that you can not change someone else, you can not make someone love you. The only person YOU have control of in a relationship is YOU! Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift YOU can ever give yourself. YOU are responsible for YOUR happiness (period). Therefore; when you are vibrating on a self loving vibration then you will attract people to YOU that will accentuate and reciprocate that self love. Love yourself first than attract to you a person that loves themselves first. Now take that self love and present it to your potential partner as the 2 of you explore mutual love for one another. I love each and everyone of you reading this ..... peace and blessings!

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